Kodak Vision 3 5ooT

In the last Green Ninja Episode 2, we decided to shoot Kodak’s 35mm Vision 3 500T. We used the ARRI 435 with Panavision lenses.

VISION3 500T Film gives one more control and flexibility at every phase of the filmmaking process in both digital and traditional workflows. VISION3 500T Film retains the overall look and image structure of KODAK VISION2 Films—then adds a host of improvements. The new Dye Layering Technology (DLT) gives one noticeably reduced grain in shadows, so you can push the boundaries of exposure further and still get excellent results. And when scanning low-light scenes, VISION3 500T Film yields higher signal-to-noise ratios for unprecedented image quality. It also posses extended highlight latitude which gives one greater flexibility when lighting extreme situations, and lets you pull even more detail out of highlights. ~ Kodak

With the right telecine and color timing at CO3 NYC, it is magnificent looking on HD!

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