Interview with George Lucas 2015

In 1977, I was blown away as a child after seeing the original Star Wars. It was realistic (for whatever references there had been established by other Sci-Fi movies) and it had a great story. In the days of modest action figures and sound tracks, I did make my dad buy the cassette version of the sound track. What a status that would’ve made on FB – if there was one at the time.

The transitions to the second and third also made me jump for joy. This was the golden goose that kept giving to the fans and to the studios. It was amazing after I studied film that I realized the simple genius of George Lucas. In his 50 years of film-making as a DIRTECTOR (1965-2015), he has only directed 18 films! However, his commercial vision has blown away box offices and revenues for over three decades. His interview with Charlie Rose (PBS • 12/24/2015) is a candid look at this film-making mogul.

Video courtesy of PBS • All rights reserved.

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